High Weald Walkers First Aid & Safety Kits

Ramblers provide the following “advisory” advice.

“The first aid advice we give is supplied to us by the British Red Cross, the advice is advisory. We are aware that the 500+ Group Ramblers have are led in a variety of terrain and thus requirements are different.”

HWW First Aid Kits are based on the St John’s Ambulance – Walkers pack, modified to suit our requirements. Contents are as follows: –

20 plasters – various sizes

1 or 2 triangular bandages

1 No 8 sterile dressing with bandage

1 No 9 dressing with bandage

1 finger dressing

1 crepe bandage

6 antiseptic wipes

1 thermal blanket

1 pr vinyl gloves

1 guidance book

4 Safety pins

1 roll micropore tape

1 pair of scissors

These items fit into a bum-bag or small first aid bag.

There are four HWW First Aid Kits and Fluorescent jacket/rucksack sets; one for each walk type, i.e. Long, Intermediate, Tuesday Morning and Sunday.

The HWW first aid bags should be re-stocked annually or whenever items have been used.

It is the responsibility of the leader to ensure he or she has the HWW First Aid kit with them together with the 2 fluorescent jackets/rucksack set. They should also plan the handover to the next leader at the end of their walk.